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About Pittsburgh Unifieds Auditions LLC

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In 2021, the Inaugural Pittsburgh Unifieds was a tremendously successful event which kicked off the audition season in October, connecting talented students from all over the country with 20 Musical Theater and Acting Programs both virtually and in person.  In 2022, we partnered with the Pittsburgh CLO and doubled our attendees.  We had a tremendous time and we are enjoying the successes of the candidates whether they landed at a PUA school or another fabulous choice.  We are humbled to be a small part of the process.


We have been counting down the days to launch Pittsburgh Unifieds Auditions 2023-24.   We have so many exciting things in store and we hope you will join us!  

Pittsburgh Unifieds Auditions is an early, cost effective, vetted, in-person, consortium style audition which benefit the students, their families and the program directors looking to recruit them.   


The basis of the re-imagined process was conceived from a need that was observed in the popular Facebook Forum, which was founded 5 years ago by Marcie Yoho.  MT PARENTS currently has over 5200 parents looking for and sharing advice about the college audition process. (WE LOVE OUR BTDT parents who have Been There, Done That!).  


We know the earlier a student narrows down their lists with possible offers, the easier it is to schedule visits, connect with current students/faculty, and evaluate financial aid packages.  Similarly, from the program's vantage point, the earlier a connection is made, the better they can manage the campus visits, the financial aid process and the commitments whilst freeing up valuable time to work with existing students in the Spring. 


We are also aware of the financial burden of multiple auditions, applications, and travel expenses and how that adds to an already stressful process.   It is the goal of PUA to reduce that stress to provide a more manageable and enjoyable process for the student, the family, and also the programs.

Here are the Key Points you should know about PUA 2023/4

Dates of the In Person Event are October 6-8th in Pittsburgh, PA at CLO Pittsburgh
- Virtual Audition Option will be held through the GETACCEPT'D Portal On Oct 14-15th.
- Oct 6th will be In-Person Auditions from 11-5, Oct 7th is 8-6 

- Dance Call is from 7-9.

- All auditions are recorded and available to Program Directors. and their faculty.
- Call backs will be available in private rooms on October 8th from 8-12/12-4
-⁠⁠ ⁠⁠Tech and Design Portfolio Reviews are 30 minutes each on Oct 7th.
- We are adding a Rising Junior Mock Audition/Masterclass that will be run by MTCA with multiple schools.

The audition is Consortium Style and each program will designate if it is a Live Prescreen or a Final Audition (see each school info). We will have live accompanists and the opportunity to warm up with them again.  We will also provide a list of waiver/discount codes for applications to the programs in attendance.  At the end of the event, we will also provide student absence letters.


Cost of the weekend programming  includes your portal through GetAccept'd, All Masterclasses, Auditions, and a Swag Bag!  Scholarships will be available based on need.

Covid Vaccination Documentation is required at this time.  We use a Covid Compliance Manager at the event.

If there are medical exemptions, daily negative tests will be accepted!   Thank you for understanding that this is a current protocol requested by several of the schools in attendance which we are constantly evaluating. 


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