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Presented by MTCA

Junior Specific Masterclasses 9am-11:45 am October 6th
Juniors are welcome to attend all Masterclasses Starting Friday

Sunday October 6th noon-5pm

Juniors will go through the same process as the IN PERSON Auditioning candidates!

You will start in the MTCA Green Room (Studio 6)

You will then have 10 minutes with your accompaniest to go over cuts, tempo etc. 

This also serves as a great warm up!

You will then be greeted by a current BFA MT Actor who will lead you to the stage where you will slate your materials and perfom them for the adjuncators.  These faculty members have dedicated time to you, to also give you real time feedback! 

You should have your 10 minute slot.  Arrive at Studio 6,

30 minutes before your audition time!

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