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What would we do without CREW

10-4pm at the CLO in Studio 5

Each Candidate will have one half hour for their own Portfolio Review!    This time will begin with the presentation of your materials.   We will have a LAPTOP, PROJECTOR, SCREEN set up for you to use if you would like.

The review will be in an intimate consortium style setting for you, so that the schools can get to know your vision, your thought processes and your ideas.    They are aware that the actual materials may not be as robust because of Covid circumstances during the first few years of Covid for this cohort, so this is a really great chance to share with them who you are and where you want to take the next 4 years.

There will be an opportunity for a mutual Q&A session as well.  Remember you are interviewing the programs as much as they are evaluating you!    These faculty members are a great resource for you this early in the process.

The presentation should be in your Get Accepted Profile so the Remote Programs can have access to it.   We will record your session and download it to your profile for you.

T&D MasterClass
With Cat Wilson, Point Park

Saturday 3-4pm - Studio 6

Cat Wilson is joining us from the Conservatory of Performing Arts faculty at Point Park University. Previously, she was a freelance lighting and projection designer in Chicago, working for Goodman Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Hell in a Handbag Productions, Emerald City Theatre, A&A Ballet, The Joffrey Academy, Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, among others. In Pittsburgh, she has worked with Kinetic Theatre and Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre, and designed shows for Point Park before joining the faculty. 

Wilson believes in maintaining an active design career in order to provide students with a link to professional work, and actively enjoys using students as assistants, providing introductions to summer internships, and helping bridge the gap between school and their careers. 

Education :

M.F.A., Lighting Design, Carnegie Mellon University

B.F.A., Psychology and Technical Theatre, Tufts University


Courses Taught at Point Park

  • Lighting Design

  • Professional Preparation for Design

  • Elements of Stagecraft

  • Electricity for the Theatre

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